Getting to know ViLTE technology and how to activate it: video calls without the Internet

ViLTE technology or video calling without internet is a technology that allows users to make video calls without internet. Vocalphone also has this capability as one of the phones with this technology. In this article, while teaching how to set up this service on a VocalPhone, we will also provide explanations about this technology

Before the user can use this feature, he must go through the following steps

Before start testing this option, we must note that to use this feature, the operator on both sides must be the same

: First

The user must make sure that the desired operator has VoLTE or ViLTE coverage in the geographical area

: Second

In Irancell operator, by default, the video call feature is enabled without internet, but in Hamrah Avval operator, the user must first dial the USSD code *10*2431# to activate this feature – and you change quality of video in (chose video resolution ) to 720p like picture blow this part 

: Third

Activate the settings on the phone itself. The user must also activate the VoLTE and Carrier Video Calling options through the phone settings section

After doing the above steps and if all the steps are done correctly, now we should see the word HD on the antenna of the phone (in the upper right part of the phone). In this case, all the settings are correct and you can make a video call with any other person who has a Vocalphone and whose operator is the same as yours, without the need for the Internet

Of course, we must also point out that sometimes, although everything seems to be correct, when trying to make a video call, the user fails to do so. This is only because the network is busy. In this case, the user can increase his chances of making a successful video call by waiting and trying again after some time

The last thing you should pay attention to is that in the vocalphone  settings section and in the Preferred Network Type section, the selected option should be 4G


? But the question is, what is ViLTE and how does it work

Video over LTE technology, or ViLTE for short, is the name of a technology that allows mobile phone users to contact other users without the need for the Internet and based on multimedia subsystems through IP (IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS for short). Create an image. ViLTE uses exactly the same control protocols that VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology uses

ViLTE technology uses the H.264 codec to encode and decode the video stream. The main advantage of this codec compared to the 3G-324M codec (which was used in video calls on the 3G platform) is its much higher quality

One of the most important points that should be considered in relation to this technology is that it should have a higher priority than other streaming video services in which delay is not of high importance, so that the quality of the video call does not drop

So far, many devices from different brands have been launched with this technology. The Vocal smartphone also supports this technology and users of this phone can make video calls with other people who have a vocalphone, without Internet